Our 1987 Chevy G20  van started its life in Ohio where the Happy Times conversion company took an ordinary chevrolet van and turned her into the beautiful machine you see here. She spent a few years cruising around the USA before coming across the pond in 1991.


  On seeing a London taxi equipped with a photobooth in the uk Pat  decided to bring the idea back home but wanted to do it bigger and better......and so he did. The sheer dimensions of the van lended itself perfectly to getting as many people as possible into the picture!! Nearly 17 foot long and 6 foot wide it makes the ultimate party van!  


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As soon as The Fitz's got their hands on her they eagerly began the restoration process. Pat, Kiel and Michael started bringing her back to her former glory but keeping true to its original design. Shaggy Carpets, plush sofa like seats and giving the huge 5.7 litre V8 powertrain the attention it deserved.


Having owned and operated photobooths for a number of years Pat put the best of photobooth technology into The Happy Times Van to capture every moment perfectly! The Fitz's also made the interior of the Chevy very adaptable to cater for all events, festivals, brand activations and wedding transport and guarantee Happy Times!

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